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    We are creative Interior – Design Company

    With over two years of experience, we have completed projects all over the world. We provide a range of bespoke services which are both approachable and flexible – we can help with anything from pulling together a flat, pied-a-terre, country house or a property abroad.

    Whether you just wish to add a few statement pieces of furniture to complete a room, or you’re starting from scratch with a whole house – we would love to help. We don’t just focus on furniture or accessories; we can also help with anything from flooring, to paint colours, to curtains. At Mad Moose, we believe in incorporating your existing furniture, so we will always make space for your most loved pieces.

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    Wall Painting

    Refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint. The colour of the walls in a home can make it feel inviting or gloomy. Wall colours completely enhance the beauty of the room. Most people do not realize, how applying a quote of paint can freshen up the apartment.

    Decoration & Furnishing

    Our team coordinates and manages all aspects of bespoke interior and exterior design, refurbishment, property dressing and furniture rental or purchase. . We also work with buyers post-purchase, making colour scheme and layout suggestions as requested to make the most of their new home.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom remodeling services provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul. Make sure your bathroom renovation is done by the experts and call Mad Moose Restoration Solutions.

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    How We Work

    Our integrity, honesty and professionalism is what gives our clients, colleagues, investors and business partners the confidence to work with us.

    Our Warranty To You

    Mad Moose warrants all labor performed and material installed at the above-mentioned job site, for a period of (1) one year from date of installation.