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    26 Oct

    6 Essential Shopper Strategies With Glass Bongs

    Shopping for glass bongs can send local members to a range of different suppliers and to a number of unique creations. These goods are far from the standard and generic utilities that they used to be.

    Since they have become mainstream, businesses have been willing to push the envelope for tobacco enthusiasts as participants opt for a model that delivers a better quality hit and a longer lifespan.

    There will always be those clients who prefer plastics, ceramics, metals, woods, and even bamboo designs, but they often fall short of the excellence that the glass products deliver.

    For those that want to cash in on these goods, it is worthwhile reading these 6 essential shopper strategies that will point customers in the right direction.

    1) Find Brands That Enjoy a Quality Track Record

    The best place that constituents can start with glass bongs is to examine the track record of a brand. Are customers satisfied with their business and would they recommend the product to their peers and their fellow tobacco users? Outlets who enjoy extensive 5-star ratings and glowing reviews across social media, search engines and apps will be high on the agenda for clients that want to be smart where they place their money.

    2) Work Within a Price Point

    Not only are glass bongs the best performers in the market for tobacco users, but they also happen to be some of the most affordable solutions for tobacco users. With this being said, there are some brands that will hike their prices if their design line is selling well. Filter collections according to their price and work with a budget that takes into account delivery provisions to avoid being overcharged.

    3) Ensure Suitable Glass Thickness

    Woman using a glass bong

    If there is one issue that might hold tobacco users back from buying glass bongs, it is the concern that the structure could crack and break at the first sign of trouble. This would overlook many of the thicker glass alternatives that give customers the best of both worlds. A majority of suppliers will design goods that range between 3mm to 9mm in thickness. Work with those thicker solutions to ensure that the client has a product that is durable and sustainable for the long term.

    4) Identify a Size That Matches Smoking Experience Level

    Glass bongs deliver first-class hits of tobacco smoke. If used properly, it is the purest form of exercise. The challenge arrives for inexperienced operators who begin their journey with a large cylinder profile and overwhelm their lungs. Find a size that complements the experience level before gradually progressing up to larger models once the lungs have adapted accordingly.

    5) Pick a Style That Appeals

    From the multi chamber solutions to the percolators, the glass pipes, the beakers, the bubblers, and the dab rig, there will be a myriad of varieties on display for glass bongs. This is a selection that comes down to aesthetic appeal, price and practicality. From the size of the tube to the sturdy base, the downstream, and the bowl, men and women will have their own interpretation about how they achieve the best hit and how they clean and reuse the utility.

    6) Consult With Representatives & Industry Experts

    One of the joys of investing in these glass bongs is that consumers get the chance to talk to experts on the subject. Suppliers in this market have tobacco enthusiasts who are more than willing to detail which brands and profiles are suited for participants given their budget, their lifestyle and their smoking expectations. Lean on their expertise, see what they recommend and see what they use at home as a reference point.

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