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    12 Nov

    How a Busy Light Can Help Increase Productivity


    All great business owners and managers out there will know that they are only as good as their employees. As this is the case, they always need to be on the look out for ways to not only increase productivity but to also make the lives of employees easier. This will help save time and money and will also help ensure that workers feel positively towards their company.

    There are all sorts of ways that people are able to do this such as having regular meetings so that everyone knows what their tasks are for that day or week. It can be by ensuring that staff take regular breaks and that they are getting outside at least once a day. Another great way to achieve this is by implementing a busy light.

    For those who may not be aware of what this is, a busy light is a product that allows colleagues to clearly see when someone is on a call. This means that will know when they are available, when they are busy, when they should not disturb, as well as many more. When workplaces implement these products, workers won’t waste any precious time as they will know when their colleagues are available to speak with them.


    A busy light can help save workers 2.1 hours a day that is usually wasted on interruptions

    When employees have tasks that they are given to complete throughout the day, they should be able to complete these tasks quickly and easily. The only problem is that they are usually interrupted many times throughout the day and so are unable to stay on course with what they need to get done. A great way to combat this is by having a busy light that will clearly let other workers know when someone is doing something important.

    When another employee can clearly see when someone is on another call they are able to instead send them an email or they can select a time in their calendar to have a chat with them. Having the ability to do this can save information workers approximately 2.1 hours a day which is a huge win and is able to increase a worker’s satisfaction. In addition to all of this, these products are able to flash when there is an incoming call which will also ensure that employees never miss any important calls.



    There are many different options that can suit different people’s needs

    Another great thing about implementing a busy light in the workplace is that there are several different options that can be chosen form. This means that those who prefer sounds are able to pick out a busy light that also includes different noises. Others will prefer that their product is included on their headset.

    There are also different sizes and capabilities that can be chosen from. For instance, someone who works on a laptop may wish to implement a smaller option that someone who works from a large desktop computer. There will also be some people who need wireless capabilities and other who need to plug their product into a power outlet.

    Whatever someone’s needs may be, it is likely that they are able to save themselves precious time and energy by implementing a busy light. There are so many different benefits to this such as increasing productivity, hitting targeted goals more easily, as well as avoiding any awkward interruptions that can occur throughout the day. As it can be seen, this simple tool is often all it takes to solve a lot of problems that can arise in the office.

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