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    09 Mar

    How To Care For Leather Italian Furniture

    Italian furniture is an exquisite addition to any household and can be a great conversation starter. Leather is a great material for these décor designs as well but doesn’t take some extra steps to ensure that it gets the care that it needs. You’ll have to be doing maintenance and care regularly so that the fabric retains its integrity.

    While most people understand you need to do things regularly, many people don’t know how to care for their leather Italian furniture. Below we are going to explore the things that you should be doing to care for your décor.


    Cleaning steps

    Cleaning your leather Italian furniture does differ from regular material and from so you should be aware of the methods you should be taking. You should be using a microfiber cloth to wipe down your Italian furniture once a week in your cleaning routine. Aiming to keep the amount of dust down is your cleaning priority with your Italian furniture.

    If you are reading this a little too late and already have a build-up or if you just can’t get rid of a stubborn patch of dust, you can use a dampened cloth to help you out. Make sure that it isn’t soaking wet as it will soak into the leather. Make sure to always use a soft cloth as a scrubber or an abrasive cloth can damage or scratch the leather.

    All sofas can collect dirt and debris which is why it is important to vacuum in the nooks and crannies of your Italian furniture. Use a hose attachment that has a soft end can help get all the dirt without damaging your décor.


    Cleaning spills

    If anything is spill onto your Italian furniture you should clean it as soon as possible. Blotting away the excess liquid by using a dry cloth or sponge is the best initial response. You should only use a damp cloth as a last resort as you want to collect as much of the excess as you can. When you do use a little bit of water on the spill be sure to get another dry cloth and wipe the area dry afterwards.

    If you wipe a spill you will only spread it further. Blotting it with a dry cloth will ensure that you don’t spread the mess any further. Placing a dry cloth on top of the spill for 5 seconds will help absorb the majority of the spill.

    For spills that are water you should use the tiniest amount of soap and warm water to try to remove the spill. If the stain is really bad you should consult a professional to ensure that you don’t make the situation any worse. The most important thing to remember that getting to a spill quickly will ensure that it doesn’t get too bad.


    Making your leather Italian furniture last

    leather sofa

    To ensure that your décor lasts as long as possible you should be placing it in the right rooms of your home. Leather is made from skin which means you should also care for it as if were your own. Don’t leave it out near the sun or heater, underneath an air con bent as this can cause it crack and fade.

    Applying leather conditioner regularly will keep it from drying out and developing cracks. You should be applying it once or twice a year with a microfiber cloth to ensure you don’t damage it any further. Using just enough to lightly cover leather will be more than enough. Contact the manufacturer of your décor to ensure that you are using the right type and to prevent any damage.


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