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    20 Nov

    How to Make your Supermarket Visit more Fun with Kids


    Many a times, parents or mothers to be precise, give up even before reaching the supermarket, as their kids or even a single child drives them up the wall. If you can’t leave them home and as much as you detest it, you have no choice but to tag them along then might as well enjoy the trip rather fretting over small things and yelling, making the children believe you are evil.

    • Consider lunching in deli

    Besides spending quality time with them, filling up your kid’s stomach will certainly cause you less trouble. Because it all begins with a craving for a candy and then all hell break loose. And before you know it’s beyond your control.

    • Set expectations for the kids
    kid sitting in a shopping cart

    Asking them questions like, ‘you need race car?’, ‘gums is what we will look for’, and letting them know that you’d stop at those places only for 5 minutes, sorts of prepare them. They then know what they are expected to do once they reach their point of interest.

    • Give those little ones carrying jobs

    If the bag seems heavy, ask them to help, although don’t give them something too heavy. But asking their help makes them feel good and gives a certain satisfaction of growing up to the little ones. This keeps them occupied with the stuff leaving less time to wander and see what’s in there for them

    • Play supermarket games

    You can keep them interested by giving them little tasks like, asking them to find the most happening word ‘sale’ in the market, or ask them to search for a specific colour, or even ask them to get the healthiest things to eat for breakfast. Or look for drinks that would boost their energy for basketball.

    • Use then/when

    Instead of using threats, talk to them calmly saying, when we tick off the stuffs from the list we can then look for kids section, please now get me peanut butter. Talking to them this way helps maintain your sanity.

    • Keep them indulged in supermarket fantasy

    Asking them creative questions would also keep them busy thinking about it, and hence giving you more time to shop calmly. Questions like, what if the store had only two items? What would they be? What would you then eat for dinner daily? This one might also make them miss the plastic toy or the marshmallow candies, if your kid is thinking hard enough about what’s to be eaten for supper.

    • Always visit when you can afford time

    It’s much easier to shop when you have time. Things just get worse if you are running late and that’s when your kids don’t listen too. So in order to avoid the chaotic and tumultuous situation, always plan it on weekends or days when you have ample time in hand. 

    Also don’t consider it as a task, try to be as excited as your kids are and you’d find yourself in a happy mood soon. So next time when you think of it as a chore, try experimenting these things with kids and find out for yourself if it works!

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