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    28 Oct

    How to Turn Any Room from Drab to Fab

    Is there ever a room in the house that seems a little run down and unused? Or is it a small apartment with a room that needs to be utilised but it’s too hard to determine what for or how?
    Well, hiring handyman services in Brisbane can help to solve any of these or similar problems. Whether it’s the floors, a new colour for the wall or the addition of lights and shelving, a handyman can get the job done to turn the room from drab to fab.

    Changing the Floors
    Dirty carpet, a trashy rug or old tiles can make any room look dull and boring. Hiring a professional can help to reinvent what the room is about, whether it be transformed into a study, a recreation room or just a neat and tidy space for storage.
    Floorboards are a great way to liven up a room. Wooden floors are contemporary and last, if looked after, for a long time. They work well for all uses and can easily be covered with a nice rug if necessary.

    Painting the Walls
    A new wall colour or even a feature wall is a sure fire way to brighten up and give new life to a room. Whilst it does need to be in line with the rest of the house, it can be a little bit more exciting if the room is closed off and will add a fun element to the house. Changing the colour of the wall is ideal for a study or recreational room for the kids helping to make it more inviting.

    Creative Lighting
    Lighting will add life and a sense of vibrancy to a room if done correctly, however, in-roof lighting isn’t always the easiest to install. Using handyman services in Brisbane, the lights will be installed swiftly and in exactly the right spot to ensure the best result for the room.
    If turning the room into a study, lighting above a desk will be most suitable, however, if it is going to be a recreational room, it is important that it is well lit. The handyman will be able to aid in the position and types of lights to be installed depending on the desired purpose of the room.

    Adding shelving can have a big impact on the organisation of a room. Having a suitable space to put things, such as decorations and even irregularly used items such as vases, not only tidy’s up the room, but also gives it a more diverse look. This method definitely is the most versatile, opening up the option for bookshelves, cabinets for storage and display shelving.
    Book shelving is great for a hallway or any room and creates a more relaxed and welcoming vibe for the place. It is a great way of storing decorative items (as well as books of course) or as part of a study to hold all the filing.
    Combining this with the installation of a beautiful wooden wardrobe or cabinet to place linen or big winter coats will uplift the room and create an element of interest. This will ultimately create more floor space to turn the room into a spare bedroom or study.

    Finding the right artwork for a room can be hard, but it’s certainly worth it. Once a suitable and hopefully exciting piece of work has been found, it’s important that it is hung properly on a wall – in the middle, level and the right way around.
    This is where a handyman comes in. They will ensure that the correct nails are used – dependent on a dry wall or brick – so that the painting won’t fall off and that it is level so that it looks as good as it should.
    Whilst artwork can be expensive (although sometimes it’s about finding a diamond in the rough) it is definitely worthwhile because it adds something to the room that nothing else could, to give it a unique look.

    Adding furniture to any room will improve the look and feel with little effort. Some furniture may need piecing together or installation into a wall (like a free-hanging desk) but will ultimately improve the functionality and look.
    Instead of the room being boring, it now has a use and another element to it other than being just a room to throw things in. Combining the above ideas with a little bit of furniture such as a coffee table and some chairs or a desk will have the room on its way to fabulous.

    Handyman services in Brisbane are a great way to help implement the required changes to redesign any room. With the aid of a handyman, the room will be able to be turned around and uplifted.
    This can be done with the installation of artworks, shelving or a newly painted wall to add colour and life. Creativity is essential to improving a room and is worth the time put in to ensure its done right.

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