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    12 Apr

    Things to know about wine delivery to China

    Sending Australian wine to China is currently a popular movement. Great quality beverages are sent overseas and are enjoyed by friends and family alike. While it may seem like a relatively straight-forward process, there are things to know before placing an order. When sending items overseas there are extra things that need to be factored in to ensure that a great experience is had overall. As international shipping has different laws in every country, it can become slightly complicated if research is not done. Having said that, obtaining some basic knowledge is a great way to get an understanding of what to expect when making a wine delivery to China. This way, there are no surprises on either end of the delivery and any issues can be solved quickly when they may arise. It is important to be aware of shipment costs, approximate delivery times, export regulations and so forth. When all of these things are looked into, it makes for a more pleasant experience and wine connoisseurs get to enjoy their favourite beverages without any added stress. Here are some more things to know about wine delivery to China.

    Research local duty and taxes
    Each country has their own local duty and taxes that are always changing. Because of this is important to do some research before making a purchase. This way, there can be a full understanding of what the costs may be. Most companies that offer deliveries will include custom costs in their prices, however, leave the duty and taxes to the purchaser. Many businesses will offer a tax rebate for overseas shipments and encourage that purchasers get together with a group of friends to make bulk orders. This way fewer deliveries are required and fewer things can go wrong throughout the process.

    Find out the minimum shipment required
    Another important factor to think about is the minimum shipment required. As shipping overseas is quite expensive, many companies will only ship a minimum amount of product. Usually, this is a case (12 bottles) but can vary depending on the business. Many organisations will offer discounts on larger purchases, so it is ideal to order as much as possible. This is again why it is a great idea to make bulk purchases with family and friends who also enjoy Australian beverages.

    Find a company that offers insurance
    It is imperative to ensure that a company offers insurance on orders before making a payment. This way, if anything goes wrong through the shipment process, buyers are completely covered. As wine delivery to China is not cheap, it is vital to protect purchases with insurance. Usually, companies will display their insurance policies on their websites, but if not, it is wise to call the company to discover what their processes are. It is already disappointing enough when packages are lost or when items are broken, so it is important to be able to get a full refund when this does occur.

    Check the returns policy
    In the case where an item arrives, and it is not as described or expected, it is important to have the option to return the item. Discussing with the company before ordering is a great way to establish what the process is when a return is necessary. It is vital to know if items need to be posted back, and if so, who covers those costs. In some cases, it may be easier just to send a refund rather than going through the shipping process again.
    At the end of the day, sending wine overseas doesn’t have to be a stressful process as long as adequate research is done beforehand.

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