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    04 Dec

    Tips On Finding Your Ideal Pair of Prescription Glasses



    In the market for prescription glasses but don’t know exactly where to start?

    That is ok because you are not only in this industry.

    There will be all manner of styles, designs, pricing structures and opinions on the topic that can make for a confusing exercise.

    Here we will sift through the confusion to offer some helpful tips on finding your ideal pair of spectacles.


    Check Health Insurance Status First

    Health cover extras like optical can really give a consumer an added advantage when sourcing their prescription glasses. Before stepping foot into an optometrist’s office or an optical store that offers a wide range of spectacles, note the status of your private or public health insurance and check if you have the consumer power to have eye checks examined and purchasing glasses that will be appropriate.


    Understand Your Optometrist Prescription

    Anyone who is in the market for prescription glasses requires assistance with their vision, and this speaks to a minor or major impairment. It could be caused by any number of natural or unnatural events, but there are classifications that should be understood by the patient regarding their prescription. From cylinder classifications for astigmatism to Oculus Dexter (OD) and Oculus Sinister (OS) for right and left eye focus, here are abbreviations that speak to a medical diagnosis that the patient must be aware of when shopping for a long-term item like their spectacles.


    man getting an eye checkup


    Ensure The Pair Sits Comfortably

    What will apply to your pair of prescription glasses will be universal for any lens that you decide to purchase – from glasses that help you to read to casual pairs that are used for leisure – they have to sit comfortably on your face under all conditions. If they happen to shake and fall off during any physical activity, then they will not be appropriate to invest in.

    There are three sizes that must be taken into consideration with the issue of resting easily on the face – the size of the eye, the size of the bridge and the temple size. Once you gauge the width of your face from ear to ear, you should be able to locate an item that will sit adjacently and remain in a firm position under most conditions.

    Speak to your optometrist about a size that suits you, but the industry standard will see small eye size venture between 40-48mm, medium 49-54mm, large 55-58mm and extra-large beyond the 58mm range.


    Locate Complimentary Frame Profile

    Prescription glasses should operate to compliment the profile of your frame and face. From an oval complexion to round and rectangular faces, it is advised that you seek a shape that will compliment this aesthetic. The good news is that there is a wide range of styles that can be appropriate for any shape – including the classic wayframe to aviators, the browline and geometric designs respectively.


    Avoid Bells and Whistles For Purchase

    There is only so much money one person can use to invest in a pair of prescription glasses and whilst there are add-ons that can be enticing, it is best to stick to an item that masters the basics. When we speak of the essentials, this will revolve around a comprehensive return policy that inked in writing, allowing you to return a pair that are below your expectations or happen to be faulty. Yet it will also include a microfiber cloth and protective case to maintain the original condition of the glasses.

    Bells and whistles can be discovered with other vanity purchases that are listed with polycarbonate lenses, high-index plastics and anti-reflective coating. If you are confident and knowledgeable about the product and are willing to pay extra for those features, then by all means proceed. Yet if you are simply after something that strives to provide clear vision, then opt for the essentials.


    Examine All Options From Big and Small Retailers

    The average Australian retail cost for a pair of prescription glasses sits around the $200 mark. However, there are independent retailers and big market chains that can offer a more affordable package that will allow consumers to manage their budget more effectively. Rather than feeling boxed in to one set of products, scour the web and gauge the waters for what is in style and what will be appropriate for your needs and your budget. Independent retailers are making gains with their own unique pricing structures, but the big global and domestic brands have resources and range that is hard to match.



    The best practice you can embrace when it comes to finding prescription glasses that will last the distance is to open a dialogue with your optometrist and canvas their opinion. If you have undertaken some personal research and discovered their theory does not match your idea or runs contrary to other advice, take some additional time and obtain a second, third and fourth opinion.

    This item will need to be used constantly in public and private settings, so don’t be afraid to hold off on a purchase straight away if you feel as though you have not done your due diligence beforehand. So long as you secure that ideal return policy, as the consumer you will be well positioned to test the goods out.



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