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    11 Oct

    Where To Buy Glass Pipes In Australia?

    Glass pipes in Australia don’t tend to be the type of thing that are put out on display, so it can be difficult to know where to go shopping for them. Nowadays, there is actually many avenues you can tap into to find the perfect glass pipes in Australia. There are new online stores, bricks and mortar smoke shops and creator studios popping up all the time so there’s definitely a lot out there to choose from. So, where should you start and what should you look for when you buy glass pipes in Australia?

    Local bricks and mortar stores

    If you live in a larger town or city then there’s a good chance that there’s a local smoke shop near you. If you want to support local then this a great place to start when looking to buy glass pipes in Australia. Smoke shops usually won’t have paraphernalia like water pipes out on display, often they’re kept in cabinets and not always visible so you might need to ask them to show you to the wares if you’re looking to purchase one. Buying locally is great because it gives you the opportunity to inspect the thing that you’re buying and it means that you can return it locally as well if there’s a problem. You will usually find that purchasing in-store means that you’ll have less of a selection to choose from than you would have online. Bricks and mortar stores often don’t have the space to keep large collection of items, whilst online stores often run through warehouses which means there’s an abundance of items to choose from and they’re often more affordable because of the lack of store overheads.

    Online shopping

    Senior man lighting a buy glass pipe in Australia

    Online shopping is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to purchasing glass pipes in Australia. It’s fast, discreet and there are thousands of options to choose from. Many of the online store also run regular deals and sales which means people can save some serious money by shopping through the internet. Most providers will use very discreet packaging so there’s no concern about people asking awkward questions when the item arrive and most offer fast shipping. Before you purchase an item online you should be careful to check out the stores returns policy, in case the item you choose isn’t what you were expecting. You should also check out what their customer support is like, as some offer better support than others.

    Artist studios

    If you’ve ever gone to buy glass pipes in Australia, you will likely have come across the beautiful collectors’ items that exist. Glass blowing is an art form and there are many artists out there that choose to create their own beautiful blown glass. If you’re an avid collector and appreciate artwork then you might prefer beautiful handmade water pipes over cheaper, mass-produced alternatives. You can often find this type of work online through stores like Etsy, at local handmade markets and in stores and galleries around the country.

    If you’re looking to purchase, make sure you find items that are good quality and that won’t fall apart or accidentally injure you. Glass can be delicate and so you don’t want to risk it smashing or burning you. If you’re thinking about purchasing second hand then you should make sure the items are properly cleaned and sterilised. You should also be careful that any items you buy aren’t banned in Australia.

    Hopefully, these shopping tips will help you to find the item that you’re looking for. There are options out there to suit everybody.

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