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    23 Feb

    Why More People Are Installing Fake Grass In Sydney


    Anyone who lives in Australia knows that we have a very hot and dry climate in most areas. This can sometimes make maintain a lush, natural lawn difficult because of infrequent rainfall and the harshness of the afternoon sun.

    In order to beat the heat, many people who live in metropolitan New South Wales are installing fake grass in Sydney. There are a lot of awesome advantages to going with a faux lawn over a real one, and this article will take a look at some of them.


    Save on your water bills

    The biggest reasons why more people are installing fake grass in Sydney is the fact that they won’t need to water their new lawn to keep it looking fantastic all-year-round. This is because the synthetic material requires no actual water; it stays at the same pre-cut length forever.

    Never again will you need to worry about a spiking water bill because you had to maintain the fresh, lush look of your lawn. When you install a faux lawn you’ll get the same amazing view every day of the year.


    No more mowing the lawn

    If you’re like most people who grew up in suburbia, you’ve likely grown to hate the chore of having to mow the lawn. It’s hard to find anyone who really enjoying systematically walking up and down their lawn, pushing a loud machine in the scorching sun.

    When you invest in fake grass in Sydney, you don’t have to ever worry about mowing the lawn ever again. This also means you won’t need to spend money acquiring, maintaining or fuelling landscaping tools like a lawnmower and whipper snipper.

    In fact, the only kind of maintenance your synthetic lawn will need is to simply give it sweep now and then to remove debris that collects over time. If you had the choice to mow or do a quick sweep, what would you rather do?


    Better for the environment

    When you get rid of the need to both water and mow your lawn, you end up reducing your home’s overall use of shared resources. No longer will you need to waste water with a sprinkler system or burn fossil fuels in order to power your landscaping equipment.

    This helps to reduce your carbon footprint in terms of the impact you make on the planet’s natural resources. If you are someone who is environmentally conscious and wants to preserve things for future generations, installing fake grass in Sydney is a practical step you can take.


    Safer for both children and pets

    Another benefits of owning a synthetic lawn is the fact that it is an incredibly soft, even surface. This means that both children and pets can run around the lawn all-day-long without risking injury due to a rough or uneven patch.

    If you are someone who is naturally worried about the safety of your children and/or pets, using fake grass in Sydney is an excellent precaution you can take. This is especially true if you and your family intend to spend a lot of time outdoors.


    Increases the value of your home


    Let’s not forget that fake grass in Sydney has become incredibly popular with new home buyers. This is because of all the aforementioned benefits that this alternative provides.

    This means that having synthetic grass will increase your home’s value in the eyes of prospective buyers. Should you ever decide to sell your home, you can be confident in having an always perfect lawn to show off to visitors.

    As you can see, it’s pretty obvious why more and more people are choosing the install fake grass in Sydney.






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