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    05 May

    Renting A Scaffold For Working Above Ground Level At Home

    When the majority of people ponder what a scaffold is, they will most likely think about something that a professional painter might use to cover he exterior of a tall building. Other people will probably think of office window washers who clean the outside of skyscrapers at high altitude.


    While there are plenty of commercial implementations for a scaffold system, many people don’t realise that this kind of platforming can be used in a domestic setting. There’s no shortage of reasons why someone might want to set up their own platforming – such as renovation jobs.

    Whatever the reason, its important that people invest in a safe scaffold system when they want to work at heights in or around their home. However, lots of people have no idea where to get started when it comes to hiring this kind of equipment, let alone safely setting up and using it!

    Because of this fact, the following will take a look at steps you can take in order to rent temporary platforming and why you need it for working at heights.


    Look for a provider that has residential options

    Not every provider will have hiring options suitable for residential jobs, so you’ll need to shop around a bit. The main reason for this is that since this type of platforming is primarily used by tradespeople, there isn’t much demand in the market for residential options.

    However, if you are someone who does a lot of home renovation then hiring a temporary platform might be something you need to do regularly. In cases like this, its best to engage a provider who has configurations appropriate for the manner in which you intend to use the platforming.

    With that said, it does not mean that there aren’t providers out there who can’t create a custom arrangement for someone needing a residential configuration of their scaffold. Just make sure you do some cursory research into what types of providers are out there and what kind of offers they have.

    You might be able to source a good provider by chatting to tradespeople that you know or by asking on industry forums. However, one of the easiest ways to find someone to provide you with a residential scaffold system is to Google it.


    Why you need to use a scaffold when working at heights

    Anyone who needs to work at a height that puts them above ground level needs to be supported by some kind of secure platforming. The reasons for this are obvious; protecting the worker and surrounding people/property from damage cased by falling people and or equipment.

    This is even more important when working at home as there will naturally be less professional oversight than if you were operating the system on a commercial construction site. This means that in order to use a scaffold in your backyard, you need to demonstrate that you can use it safely in the absence of site safety auditors and platforming experts.

    Also, there have been plenty of cases of people attempting to assemble their own ramshackle scaffold system out of materials laying around their home. This is obviously incredibly dangerous and invites serious injury or even death as a result of an accident.

    This is why you should only ever use a safe and proper platforming system sourced from a reputable provider. Doing this will ensure that you and anyone else working with the platform remains safe and is able to get the job done without and issues.

    Hopefully the above information has given you more insight into using this kind of tool.








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