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    20 Jun

    Some of Our Favorite British Candy from the Memories of Our Childhood

    As kids, we used to dash out of school the second the bell rang, run down the block to the closest British candy store, and diligently figure out our pennies in order to buy a British candy. Those were the good old British candy days.

    It seemed as though the walls of the British candy store were covered in sugary bliss as we scoured the assortment to choose the one that was most appealing to us as children.

    Retro British candy brings back fond memories, but they don’t always taste as wonderful as they used to. However, there are a few oldies that haven’t lost their flavor and bring back those childhood memories!

    However, when it comes to the discontinued British candy, it’s hard not to shed a few tears. Corner stores may be downright depressing when you’re presented with a variety that your 12-year-old self simply couldn’t identify.

    The good news is that nostalgic British candy from yesteryear may still be found in stores today. Here are some of our favorite British candy from your adolescence.

    Kinder Eggs

    Oh my goodness, they were the very definition of pure joy in one’s youth! You will get an enticing chocolate shell encasing a mystery egg that has some kind of plaything on the inside. A double dose of enjoyable times!

    The only issue that ever arose was when there was an existing toy collection and you were fixated on acquiring the eggs in the vain goal of completing the collection, only to find that you had many copies of the same vehicle or turtle. This is such a hassle.

    Hubba Bubba

    These chunks of bubble gum were shaped like wedges and had a flavor that was out of this world. Even though each piece was individually wrapped, it did not prevent people from stuffing many pieces into their mouths at once and chewing hard in order to generate the ideal gum for blowing bubbles.

    It was time to start blowing bubbles like crazy and silently miming for attention when you thought you had just blown the greatest bubble in the history of mankind (or child).

    Candy Cigarettes

    British candy

    These British candy are obviously not the most morally sound option to market to children, but when we were younger and had less principles and common sense, they were the trendy thing to purchase.

    Having a pack of these candies in your possession made you feel more mature, and instead of inhaling harmful cigarette smoke, you got to indulge in sugary, sweet treats. When your mother discovered that they were hanging out of your mouth, you received a reprimand from her.

    Pink Panther Bars

    The Pink Panther was the king of stylish felines in the world of cartoons. He was pink, he had an edge, and he had sass. All at the same time. What more could a child want from life?

    The Pink Panther Bars had an unusually bright pink color (we don’t even want to think about what went into it to give it that color), and its texture was similar to that of a creamy strawberry. They were everyone’s favorite treat, and they had a strong propensity to become addicted; who could eat just one?


    Toffees like these, which were sold in the 1930s and came individually wrapped, were a hit with consumers of all ages, including men, women, and children. Simply looking at the image of the wrapper brings back the unpleasant experience of having the British candy stick to your teeth.

    Despite the fact that production of this timeless item was halted in the UK in 2008, strangely enough, it was still on sale in Dubai for some time. It is believed that they have been taken off the market all around the globe at this point, although one can never be sure.

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