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    27 Oct

    What is the Best Web Platform to Use for SEO Purposes?


    While there are many people out there who currently run a website, there are a great number of people who aren’t at this stage yet. There are many who want to launch a blog or business and will be at the point where they are researching which web platform is the best to use for SEO purposes. The reason why this is so important is because people want to ensure that they are showing up in as many relevant places as possible in search engine results.

    As this is so important and will contribute to a business’s success, people want an enterprise SEO service whose ability includes loads of different techniques that will help them increase their visibility. For instance, when someone uploads a blog post they will want to be able to include tags and categories in this post. Furthermore, it can be helpful to have a section where people can describe what the page is all about which search engine sites can then read and categorize accordingly.

    While it is all well and good to perform research, problems can arise as there are just so many choices to select from. In addition to this, some platforms may be better for different things e.g. one person may want to have a store whereas another person may simply want a blog. As this is such an important decision, this article will explore a couple of the best web platforms to use for SEO purposes.




    Many people state that Shopify is a great platform to use for SEO purposes

    When most people think about Shopify, they will envision an online store. What they may not realize is that this web platform is also fantastic to use for those who want to also feature a blog alongside their store. This is an incredibly important feature as this will help not only engage readers but it will help with increasing visibility too.

    In addition to the ability to have a blog, there are also lots of different sections where people can input information for SEO purposes. They can include a long description of their post, as well as a short description, in addition to tags. People can categorize their posts and can even rename any included images.

    Furthermore, people can include web links, titles, as well as much more. While it can be seen that there are lots of different functions on Spotify, if people are ever unsure they can contact the company and ask if they can sign up for a trial.


    Many enjoy using Squarespace especially when it comes to SEO

    Another platform that is commonly recommended when it comes to SEO is Squarespace. One of the many reasons for this is because it is so easy to use. There is no coding required which is perfect for those who don’t have this area of expertise.

    This web platform also has an incredibly easy to use blog feature which allows people to include text, categories, headings, pictures, links and more. Another great feature of this platform is the fact that people can easily change the URL link for each page so that they easily let search engine sites know what each page is all about. In addition to all of this, people will have the ability to upload an icon or picture that they want to show up for that page in search engine results.

    While there are many people out there who will prefer the ability to customize, many love the simplicity of this platform as well as the ability to implement SEO methods.

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