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    04 Dec

    Self Managed Super Fund Accountants: What You Should Know



    Self managed super fund accountants are on the rise in Australia.

    With a growing skepticism about the performance and structure of public funds where fees and administrative costs rise on a regular basis, the SMSF is on hand to empower individuals to save at their own behest.

    Before deciding to jump ship on this opportunity, consumers should do their homework to see where the potential lies and where the reservations exist about this concept.

    Here we will delve into a number of the key facts about SMSFs.


    Provides Complete Control of Investment Portfolio

    The joy of running self managed super fund accountants is that you have a portfolio established entirely in your own name where leveraging and investment opportunities are all possible and under your control. When consumers take the public industry backed superannuation account options, they are limiting themselves to the decisions made by those board members where growth is determinant on their choices external of the account holder.

    In this setting, an individual can capitalize on international markets, income investments, high-yield cash accounts, property, term deposits and company shares. The potential is almost limitless and the transparency between investment choice and yielding results is one of the main benefits that can be enjoyed.


    Asset Protection Measure

    Business owners who find themselves in serious financial trouble can see their public super fund used as collateral in extreme cases. From bankruptcy cases to failed business investments and legal disputes, some individuals will see their fund accessed by creditors who require capital. Self managed super fund accountants are protected in this instance, offering an asset protection measure that keeps that investment safe and insured.


    Works More Efficiently For Wealthy or Wise Account Holders

    There is a fundamental truth that is evident when it comes to self managed super fund accountants. The theory is actually quite simple, because the larger this SMSF grows, the better it will end up performing for the account holder. Those of modest means who find it difficult to source investment opportunities and to accelerate growth might struggle to ever reach this level. Without the advice of trusted advisers, the expenses and administration costs can dilute the potential of seeing this portfolio perform to its maximum potential. Many industry experts believe that a starting pool of $1 million will deliver an organic growth that will reap rewards for the long-term.


    Fees Are a Major Gauge To Judging SMSF Success

    No two self managed super fund accountants are entirely identical as there are unique qualities to each and every SMSF provider. They will have their own policies on administrative costs and fees, resulting in the quality of the net returns that the account holder is so desperate to secure. Small and independent SMSF brands are tending to fall in numbers as consumers are educating themselves on the costs involved in this practice, reflecting the industry trend of a rise in annual fees across the board. It is when account holders access the right type of investment information to grow their portfolio that they find the practice a prudent exercise, enhancing their capital at each venture.


    Allows Tax To Be Minimized

    Those industry experts who have studied the numbers on self managed super fund accountants illustrate that the taxation drops significantly in this environment. Rates range between 15% for currently employed individuals to 0% for retirees, giving more control to those that do not want to see their super fund taxed upwards of 30-40%. Concessions are often afforded in this setting where loopholes like franking credits are issued, ensuring that the portfolio is not watered down by over use of taxation. Even in death, fund holders can utilise a Future Service Benefit Deduction to allow the next of kin to enjoy the benefits on a tax-free threshold.




    Operate as a Group

    Although the concept of self managed super fund accountants appears to be a singular idea on paper, there is the possibility to bring in up to four people on a single account. In order to consolidate a balance and to utilize the investment power of more than one individual, this can be ideal for investment partners, colleagues and close family members who wish to maximize their potential rather than venturing solo on this project. Pooling together a super fund of this profile might not be to everyone’s interests, but to keep the fees managed well and to ensure that there is parity from one party to the next, this is a clever ploy for couples and groups that want that peace of mind.



    The reality is that self managed super fund accountants are not for everyone. There is risk involved to take superannuation away from industry-backed providers who perform usually to modest expectations. The SMSF is the perfect personification of capitalism working for the average citizen, breaking the shackles and allowing individuals to maximise their potential following decades of hard work and graft. If you believe you can work smarter rather than harder in retirement, then a well run SMSF can yield tremendous results.





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